Angel Lukos-Algarin


During this semester there has been a lot of exploration and change throughout my
project. There has been a great amount of growth with ideas, and I am exploring things
now I never would have imagined when I first started. In the beginning they started as
deconstructions of letters. This ended up evolving into 3D buildings and cities created in
SketchUp. I have successfully created objects that are interesting to look at, and explore.
Through this my momentum has changed again, to make these objects something you
can move around, in a video game.

This new idea, to take these cities into a video game program, is extremely interesting to
me. I have begun working with different game engines to complete this process. The
engine I started with is called Hammer. It provided me with a starting point, however it
was limited in usability and was outdated. After realizing Hammer and SketchUp don’t
play along nicely, I started to explore other options. The Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a new
engine, and you are able to create games from the ground up. In addition, SketchUp
plays along well, so that my 3D models can be ported directly into the UE4 program. By
bringing the buildings and cities I’ve created into the engine, it opens a whole new way
of exploring these objects. Going forward I plan to explore this concept more, seeing how
I can explore movement and interaction. This is where my interests are currently, and
where they will continue to go.

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