Meg Bentsen


I want to create several life–sized origami dresses that are based on the four
main elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Specifically, I am aim to look at how individuals
are affected by what element they are born into, similar to the zodiac, and what physical
characteristics the elements take on as a result. For example, Capricorns are earth signs
and therefore considered to be stubborn. This can be reflected in origami with rigid,
blocky folds.

The technique I will be using for the structures will be several forms of modular origami;
this is a technique where many smaller, identical pieces or elements combine to create
something more complex.

My medium of choice comes from a lifelong interest in origami. I have obtained many
books on the subject and plan to use these as guidelines for my structures. The correlation
of the simple folds to create a more dynamic work of art seems to be a perfect pairing with
another lifelong interest of mine: the basic elements.

I am choosing to complete these dresses out of regular, white copy paper. That being said,
I may dip into the vellum I have when it is appropriate to the design and tone of the dress
in question. Color is a factor that is being considered, but due to the time constraints, it
may have to be added afterwards. The dresses will be built on a dress form that I have
obtained, and they will mostly be able to support themselves as modular origami is based
on interlocking the pieces together. If this method can not provide a safe structure, I will
sew the pieces together with fishing line.

I am someone who tends to struggle with time management. As I only have one semester
to complete this work, I feel that this challenge will teach me how to overcome this issue. I
have been fortunate enough to have been able to begin the thinking process in my Design
Factory class in Fall 2015 and I feel I am ready to start making the physical objects.
I want this to be the chance where I can show people what I’m truly capable of on my own.

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