James Hillmann

Digital Structures

Design Problem: ​Due to the fact that websites are flat pages, they
often lack scale, direction, and location.

Solution: ​Design an immersive experience where a website is
explorable in a 3D environment.

Background: ​The web has been an interest of mine for quite some
time now. It is widely used due to its accessibility and openness.
However, I would like to experiment with how a website could look and
feel in a three dimensional space and how one could navigate and
explore from this kind of set up. How would the user benefit from this
kind of experience?

Plan: ​Pick a website. Examine the HTML structure of it. Identify
elements from it and design 3D models of them. Put these elements
together to create a structure representational of the website. Style
them based on any defining characteristics. Add any functionality that
can be applied. Create content based on the work I have done. Finally
in the end I would like to have a working prototype, but if not I figure
just the plan and design of it would suffice.

Tools:​Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Tinkercad, Blender

Inspiration:​Architecture, Systems, VR, Video Games, Science Fiction

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