Monday, February 29, 2016

3D scale update

After fighting very hard with the 3D scale idea, I just don't think this combination of mediums will work for me. The plastic of the bubble wrap is refusing to adhere to the styrofoam; even using special glue. So I decided to quit that particular idea before i'm in too deep. It was better in theory

On to (very literally) bigger and better things. I have begun the long shed-like scale wrap that was discussed in class. Its total length will be around 7ft (I believe). I have completed about a foot and a half at the moment.  I also plan to do the paintings using an acrylic brayer and bubble wrap.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Crystals and Light

I decided to experiment a bit and see what would happen if I scanned the crystals I grew into the computer. It was interesting to see how their prism-like forms reflected color from the light. I feel like these are good visuals to see the geometric shapes they're made up of, and it gives a glimpse of how they formed or started.

Quantum: Beginnings

Showing a couple things here. 
  • The logo, floating in a 3D space.
  • 3 columns (categories) of websites. (search engines, social media, and news)
  • A text box that will change depending on what is currently hovered. Also can be moved anywhere on the page.
  • 2 views to show that is indeed a 3D space.
  • Background image will probably change.
Project perspective. Right now I am mainly showing favicons that will lead to websites. Later I will add more elements such as videos and images most likely.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Notes in Class and Next Task

For displaying the nests use basic shelving (you don't want the display to take away from the nests)
create language
take photos of the environment  (think about the places where you find nests)

Visualizing the music

Artist Kid Cudi
Album Journey to the Moon

Artist G Mazy
Album When It's Dark Out

he has high standards
"...I want it all..."
Life is a dice game you have to take risks
"...a lot of y'all would call it quits..."
"...mind of a perfectionist..."
"...pussy my favorite vice.."
"imagine it, put the hours in and stayed passionate. Wasn't blowing money, was stacking it. Figured what I wanted in life and practiced it"
His hunger for success
Need time to reflect
"what if the game didn't care that I was white..."
"what if pac wasn't dead..."

next step:
Materials different fabrics used in cover or textures

Monday, February 22, 2016


Quantum. VR Web Browsing.

I have decided to take everything I have learned so far and make a simple 3D web browser (which will exist in the browser (so nothing to fancy)). Favicons from websites will exist on six sides of a cube. These cubes will be floating in a 3D space. Upon hovering Over these cubes it will display simple text describing the website. Included will be be a button to go to the website. Taking you out of Quantum.

Desperate effort will be done to keep it simple, light, and optimized. I do have a working prototype at this point as proof of concept. I plan to use the gallery as advertisement space for this as a product. Similar to what other software company's do such as Dropbox, GitHub, etc.

Simple Promo
Detailed Concept of Selected Website 

The work shown here is still being thought about. Placeholders are present such as the typography, layout and colors. 

figure sketches

I draw the figure sketches of Mr. Rabbit and Alice.

Although I may change my idea and find people to act Mr. Rabbit instead of illustration.

Monday, February 15, 2016

More Architecture Abstractions

This weekend I took time to create more abstractions. The threshold in Illustrator was tweaked with each one to get the desired look. Some worked best near default settings, others improved with changes. I will work from these to create even further abstracted pieces. Some images I am more interested in the white space, others the black space is more intriguing. As of now I might switch between the black and white depending on what is more interesting in the image. Should I stay consistent in the spaces I'm exploring? Does it matter if I'm exploring the negative space, or the buildings themselves if both are creating shapes of interest? These are questions I ask myself as I continue to hone my work down to more finalized pieces.

Music Design

Musician:     Kid Cudi
Album title:  The Journey To The Moon

Music description: 
Night / darkness
Journey / Adventure
Music escapes from reality from earth
Chasing peace
Running away from his demons but seems like his only friend
Confused if drugs are his friend or demons
Lyrics are dark but sounds uplifting

Design A:
Some of kid cudi's music is very cinematic. 
References toward space and the moon are apart of his music. 

To create an abstract and cinematic powerful feel of take off.

typography added

Musician: Nas
Album: Illmatic

Music description: 
stories about the blocks Queen's
describes life
feels his emotion (real)
born to be on a mic (they need to share their struggles)
"the world is yours"
talks about guns, drugs, cops as it happens in front of him
feels like the streets
talks about the streets but also intellectual conversations that happen in the streets
jail system is failing
public school system failing the youth
sharing his thoughts with people to help

Design A:
Image of a "stone" that is failing apart at the bottom but prospering on the top.
Symbolic for getting out of the struggle.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some photos of Peng Ci happened in China

When I got help from writing center, Dawn give me some interesting suggestion. She suggest that I can find some news of Peng Ci from Chinese newspaper or website, and showing these photos beside my own work. So I do some research today and find some photos.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

some simple characters design

Alice: A kind, accommodating and simple girl, also very curious. However, too simple to take a joke. Sometimes meet troubles because of accommodating and curious.

Mr. Rabbit: Royal trickster. Smart but evil. His most proudly skill is his deception. He is also the Queen's right hand man, so never been punished.

Final Formations

Here are the crystals I've grown. The first three are all formed from monoammonium phosphate, and the last one is from potassium aluminum sulfate. In the three similar ones, I'm not sure why some crystals chose to grow more around the base rock as opposed to on it. I'm also not sure why some yielded larger crystals than others. I know heat can be a great factor in this, but I made sure they all started out at the same temperature. Either way, I'm glad I got a variety in scale.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016


The crystals have grown a decent amount in the past few days. It hasn't been long enough to completely take them out of the solution, but they should be developed enough later this week.
In the meantime, I've started putting together a chart showing the steps for different crystal formations.

Here's an update on what the crystals look like:

Photograph Abstraction

I have been playing around with different ways to abstract the architectural photographs I've taken. So far I have found some of Illustrators tracing options to be of use. These are the two that I am currently leaning towards as being helpful options. They are different photographs, however these still help to give an idea of what I'm trying to do. They both create simple blocked out shapes, and keep color out of the equation. I'm not decided on where exactly these will go, but they are holding my interest right now.

Wear and tear update

So I left my piece that I made last week hanging exactly where I make it, to see how it would fare. I think it's safe to say it didn't fare extremely well for only 7 days.

With that I began tests with Acrylic Medium in the hopes that when it dries it will retain it's shape. I also attempted to create a duo-toned piece, both of these attempts didn't go extremely well in my opinion. The Acrylic Medium was very thick and was challenging to suck into the needle. I also did not achieve the look I wanted at all with the colors. I am interested to see how it dries and if I like it more than the water test. I am trying to think of other mediums to test that may work better. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beverly Bees

I finally heard back from the woman over at Beverly Bees on Essex Street. She said that she cannot meet with me due to health reasons, but she gave me the contact info for the Essex County Beekeepers Association. She said that they should be able to help me out so I will be sending an email out to them shortly. They aren't as close by at Beverly Bees, but Topsfield is a short drive away.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Proposal

At this time the project is about form, structure and the creation of bird nests in relation to human design of nests.

Birds have a natural instinct inside them to build a certain nest. There is one singular purpose of these nests, which is to attract a mate and to lay their eggs. This form serves no other purpose. Birds obtain the materials that are around them to construct the form.

Humans have no purpose in building a nest. We are not born with the instinct to build a nest. Our nests contain no physical purpose other than to demonstrate trial and error. The form is dictated by the way we think as humans.

The end result of this project is to have people think about the instinctual process versus the design process.

More Astrotypography

I'm starting to do other typefaces now. This is Georgia. I'll definitely do at least one for every style of type (serif, sans serif, script, etc).

Wednesday, February 3, 2016