Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Could that be the name of my show? Microtypography already exists. What I'm doing goes even smaller than microtypography, so... nano?

Just posting the stuff I've been working on lately.

Scans of 4 different typefaces printed at 1pt font size, scanned in at 12,500 DPI, and enlarged.

"A"s, further enlarged.

Lorem ipsum at 1pt font size on a 36 x 48" poster.

Updated personal cards/take aways

Updated Posters

Size has been adjusted to match scale of my assumed space.

Updated show space: roughly to scale

Monday, March 28, 2016

Personal Postcards for my show

these cards will also become take-aways as I will add fact stickers to the white space on the back

Edited poster + one new one

Journey to the Moon

Package Design

*Gif. digital cover
Limited Edition CD design
Limited Edition Shirt
Limited Edition Number Poster

The above Gif. was me trying to create a seamless image with little action so not to take away from the image itself. 

What did I learn?

 I learned that this is going to be a hard to make this look seamless/smooth. 

To make the frames look smooth from frame to frame from start to finish and finish to start I need to create a story board. I traced the first image and started moving the drawing little by little frame one to two to three to four to five and to six but to end six that will translation into frame one, smooth.


The way music is being put out into the world is drastically different today than it was in the early 2000s. The introduction of the internet opened the industry wide open. 

People don't buy music that much today instead
online listen for free on youtube...pandora...
Paid music subscription
some music released for free by the artist
download illegally
Vinyl is hot right now
CD not so much

What are people using to listen to music?

Radio subscriptions

Not so much

Painting for Senior Show: Limited Exposure

Thursday, March 24, 2016

PostCards v1

Front Layout

Back Layout

Looking for feedback.

The N is an element I thought to add seeing as it is a design exhibition and we do logos. Looking at these as they are I might bring back the bigger nonagon shape if we decide it needs it. Some of the information needs to be tweeked because I was unsure about it. ie the location, mentioning 301 twice. Overall the design feels swiss.

Drawings of Bird Nests that are Made

 This is one of the first nests I did.

This is the last nest I did.

Other drawing of my fifth nest.

My  drawing of Allie's nest

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Continued Poster design

Digital Sketches of Installation Idea

I have been thinking about possibilities for the show. I really like the idea of utilizing the movable walls, and having pieces that either wrap around, or connect to one another.

I played around in Sketchup and it helped me visualize the 3D space better.
Below was an idea that I pieced together. Some proportions would be worked on, however I like that 3 separate pieces seem to blend together. One corner meets and blends two objects, and the other corner sort of reflects a line, and reverses the positive and negative space of the objects.

Another batch of abstractions

Since these were completed, I wanted to get them up on the blog.

Simplified architectural abstractions.

test photo

I took some photo of emotion of Alice.

New Poster Idea (possible volvel also)

For the last couple of weeks I've been coming up with new concept ideas for a poster. I tried to think of ways that I could relay useful information to my viewers and also be a great design. I have had this design in my head for a while now and I've finally put it into illustrator. I love where this is going and have gotten great feedback and ideas from various people.

John McVey gave me the idea of turning this into a giant volvel (if you don't know what that is, I'll bring in an example tomorrow to look at). I loved this idea and it has the potential to have that "wow" factor that my project needs.

I have also gotten feedback on different ways of arranging the data and colors and so on. Any more feedback would be great. I want to push this idea as far as it can go (or until the deadline is here and I need to finalize it.)

The idea of this poster is to show information. I know that, at first, it makes you think. But I'm perfectly ok with that. The plants that help pollinators are listed at the top left of the diagram, and to see what categories each plant falls under you need to follow that specific plant's circle all the way around. I broke the data up into 7 categories: herb/flower, fragrant/scentless, whether or not the plant flowers, if it is used in cooking or has medicinal uses. These are some things that many gardeners look for in plants so I decided to focus on just these 7 things. I got the coloring from the colors I used to represent each plant in my illustrations.

I hope that explained it well enough. I can explain more in person tomorrow in class.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exploring Color

I have begun exploring color in the pieces I've created. Some are one color, and others I have several colors. Some versions I played with, used different values of a single color. However the pieces with more than one color that interested me were ones with contrasting and clashing colors. They are quite different from what I normally do when using color, which is part of what interests me.